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My Solar Unit is online store that specializes in free energy technology and renewable energy. Based in Brooklyn, NY. Our online store is focused on being a building block in the advancement of our neighborhoods and communities, assisting in helping to find ways through the renewable energy sector for backup emergency assistance through new innovative revolutionary energy efficiency solar technology and in gaining free energy independence, there by removing ourself from the electrical corporate grid. We have products available that provide solar power for various situations. Purchasing products from us ensures that you are able to get off the electrical grid, allowing you to run almost any electrical appliance available. Each solar product that we sell is available at an affordable price. We establish ourselves by leading from the examples we place in our customer service standards, we provide and give clientele every service available that we have at our disposal, allowing ourselves to be number in one in clientele value and satisfaction, being there for our customers when they need us the most. Our customers are our number one priority. Free yourself from the clutches of the electrical corporate grid, and gain access to free energy independence.

Are You Ready For Unexpected Power Outages?

If you have ever wanted to have an emergency “backup” system that supplies continuous uninterrupted electrical power, then this will be one of the most important message you will ever read. The Solar Generators from Solutions from Science is the perfect plug and play solution for social, personal, and emergency situation solar product in the market today. The solar generators (PowerSourse 1800, PowerHub, and PowerHub Plus) supplies uninterrupted backup power for a variety of household appliances and emergency use. The solar generators provides enough energy and power to run your lights, computer, fax machine, phone, television, radio, refrigerator, sump pumps, and etcetera.

As a true off-the-grid appliance, the solar generator is also a great alternative to gas generators, offering clean renewable energy with no ongoing costs. Unlike gas generators, the solar generator runs quietly and emits no dangers fumes while producing free electricity directly from the sun and the solar panels for these products has a 20-year guarantee on them. Whether its hurricanes, snow, ice storms, brownouts, blackouts, underground transformers burning out, power lines being knocked down due to bad weather conditions and flooding do to rain storms, the solar generators offers a reliable source of permanent electrical energy power when you will need it most.

The PowerSource 1800 Is also a transportable mobile device that is easy to move around, and great for a variety of uses away from the home, you can take when you go to the beach, fishing, camping, or boating, providing you with remote power allowing you to run your desk top or lab top computer, fax machine and phone, great for construction sites, and small businesses. Easy to use - simply point the solar panel in the direction of the sun , plug-in and power up, it also provides portable household power wherever it is needed most and with enough remaining power to run your lights. The products that we are most proud of are The PowerSource 1800, PowerHub, and PowerHub Plus, as using them will give you enough electrical power to free yourself from the electrical grid, saving and putting money back into your pocket. The Solar Generators from Solutions from Science is a must have Solar System to have. Order My Solar Unit today.



Treehouses appeal to the child in all of us and bring us closer to nature. At one point you probably dreamed of living among the birds in a house nestled on the leafy branches of a towering tree. Whether these structures are tiny shacks clinging to a single bough, unique treetop observatories or sprawling works of art spanning several trees, there’s something magical about treehouses. Here’s a look at 18 of the world’s most stunning treetop structures and the unique stories behind them.
18 of the world’s most stunning treehouses

Stunning Homes in the wild, this I believe is really living.